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For 30 years, I was "a dog person", without a dog. I had dogs growing up, but until Micky, not since my early 20's.

For most of my adult life, my living situation was such that a dog didn't make sense (I live alone and traveled quite a bit for my job). I started my own business, work from home, and don't travel for work very often any more, so the time was right.

I asked a friend who volunteers for 3 rescue organizations to help me find the perfect pup, and boy did she ever! When Micky was a very young puppy, his original owners brought him to the vet... he was diagnosed with parvo. They could not afford the treatment, and left him to be euthanized. A vet tech tried to euthanize him but could not find a vein. She asked the vet for assistance. The vet (my hero) could not bring himself to do it... he nursed him back to health and put him up for adoption.

Micky came to live with me when he was about 3 months old. He is a "dream" puppy... so sweet... so loving... so well-behaved... and so easy to train. I now can't imagine my life without this sweet sweet boy.

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    Hi. I'm a newbie here but I just had to send you a note to say OMG! Your puppy is soooooooo cute! He should be in commercials! :)


    Reply from JaneMicky:

    Thanks! He's also a very good puppy... he's been an absolute joy. Welcome to the board!
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    I'm so sorry you are having a tough time with Micky's health. As I mentioned before, Bella (my Rottie) had a rough start. We got her as a rescue at 5 1/2 weeks. She wasn't walking yet and they really didn't think she would make it. After 8 months of quarantine in our house, with bi-weekly trips to the vet's office, she finally was declared healthy (though I think it has taken a toll on her body). She is my heart, and all the late nights and hundreds of dollars were well worth it. I have owned animals all my life, but never before have I bonded so completely with a dog (my husband gets jealous sometimes). I'm sure you will be just as happy with Micky as I am with Bella.

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    Reply from JaneMicky:

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. With Micky, I'm at least fortunate that there's been nothing serious since the Parvo. Just one thing after another. When I hear about what you went through with Bella, I realize that this could be much worse. After just 4 months, the bond between us is incredible, so I know that this is all worth it. I very much appreciate your support... it helps when I have those "oh no, NOT AGAIN!" moments :)
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    What a wonderful story about Micky. I had no idea he was so near death. You two are definitely made for each other!


    Reply from JaneMicky:

    Thanks wordnerd! I truly believe we were destined to find each other. And, it almost didn't happen... I had very clearly told the rescue organization I wanted a female. They called and told me they had the perfect pup. Everything was set and we scheduled a date and time for me to get "her" and sign the adoption papers. I had not met "her", only seen pictures). About an hour before I was going to leave, I got an "oops" call.... "she" is a little "he". I almost changed my mind. Then I looked at the pictures again and decided to at least go meet him. It took all of 1/2 a second when I met him to make up my mind.